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Kim: North Korea no longer needs nuclear tests, state-run media reports


The Latest: 2500 attend public viewing for Barbara Bush

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Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.

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Wells Fargo Hit With $1 Billion In Fines Over Home And Auto Loan Abuses
Swedish DJ Avicii Dead at 28
Democratic Party files suit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 election
Trump Fundraiser Offered Russian Gas Company Plan to Get Sanctions Lifted for $26 Million
Brooklyn postal worker arrested after 17,000 pieces of undelivered mail found
Chinese tourists kill kangaroo, hurling bricks to make it hop
Muslim woman who refused handshake denied French citizenship
Mexico’s lower house of Congress on Thursday approved changes to the constitution to eliminate immunity from prosecution for all public servants, including lawmakers and the president, a move meant to tackle deeply entrenched corruption.
Indian priest carries member of lower caste into temple to symbolically protest caste oppression.
FDA Panel Unanimously Backs Cannabis Drug for Severe Epilepsy
Arizona teachers vote to strike
[Thursday, April 19 2018] North Korea drops withdrawal of US forces as condition of denuclearization; Half the Coral in the Great Barrier Reef Has Died Since 2016; MIT Discovers Way To Mass-Produce Graphene In Large Sheets; The Man Who Killed Don Quixote will close the 71st Cannes Film Festival
The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History
A 96-Year-Old Woman in Mexico is fulfilling her dream of finishing high school by her 100th birthday - "Now I can write letters to my boyfriends," she said with a laugh.
Alex Jones, Backtracking, Now Says Sandy Hook Shooting Did Happen
Trump told Russia sanctions were off before telling US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley
YouTuber faces jail for video forcing homeless man to eat toothpaste-filled Oreos
The UK Refused To Raid A Company Suspected Of Money Laundering, Citing Its Tory/Conservative Party Donations
Hawaii Seems Poised To Ban Coral-Damaging Sunscreen: It would be the first state to prohibit the use of sunscreen containing ingredients that scientists say harm sea life.
California tortoise with cracked shell gets $4,000 repair
[Wednesday, April 18 2018] All of Puerto Rico is without power; Strong carbon fiber artificial muscles can lift 12,600 times their own weight - made from carbon fiber-reinforced siloxane rubber supporting up to 60 MPa of mechanical stress; Apple reportedly cuts production of HomePod amid poor sales.
911 operator who hung up on emergency calls is sentenced to jail
Saudi Arabia is ending a 35-year ban on movie theaters with a screening of "Black Panther."
Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is denied minimum security camp and sent to federal prison in New Jersey
All of Puerto Rico is without power