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Miss. lawmaker accused of punching wife issues joint statement with her, does not apologize
"Because Britain deserves better new prime minister." What after the resignation of Theresa May?
Hong Kong protestors demand China be held to account for 1989 Tiananmen crackdown
Artist's Facebook disabled after posting 'MAGA hat collection'
"Chernobyl" .. Is it the second-best series in history?
A supermarket in Thailand garnered attention from the netizens around the world for the implementation of its store policy which replaces plastic packaging in all of its produce with banana leaf wrappings.
Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Ease Divorce Restrictions
40% of India's MPs face criminal charges, including rape and murder: Study
Massive 8.0 magnitude quake hits Peru
China makes arrests, shuts down rogue chemical factories that spewed banned ozone-depleting gas
German Jews warned not to wear kippahs in public following spike in anti-Semitism
More than 70 retired military leaders urge Trump not to go to war with Iran: Any conflict would come at "immense financial, human and geopolitical cost"