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‘I prayed a lot and cried a lot’: Graduate beats COVID-19 and receives nursing degree
Judge Who Advised Woman to 'Close Your Legs' to Avoid Sexual Assault Permanently Removed From the Bench
4 Minneapolis police officers fired following death of George Floyd
Two women in Costa Rica have become the first couple to have a same-sex marriage in their country, just moments after the law passed.
A Son Bought His Mom a Raffle Ticket, Winning Her a $1.1M Picasso Painting
Woman Is Fired After Calling Police on Black Man in Central Park
Greta Thunberg Mocks Alberta Minister Who Said COVID-19 Is a ‘Great Time’ For Pipelines: Alberta's energy minister Sonya Savage said bans on public gatherings will allow pipeline construction to occur without protests.
Airbnb hosts are planning to sell off their properties because of the pandemic
A white woman has apologized after calling police on a black man and saying 'there's an African American man threatening my life'
Worldwide COVID-19 death rate gradually declining
Boris Johnson's approval rating drops more than 20 points in four days amidst Dominic Cummings saga
First same-sex weddings held in Costa Rica