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Chicago Bears great Charles Tillman will build boat, row across Lake Michigan to raise money for pediatric cancer
Canada's oldest rape crisis centre stripped of city funding for refusing to accept trans women.
German Politicians Call Trump's Ambassador A 'Brat' And 'Total Diplomatic Failure,' Demand Immediate Expulsion
China's goths protest after woman told to remove 'distressing' make-up on subway; Weibo users post selfies of themselves in full make-up after woman stopped by security from boarding a train.
Accused gunman in Christchurch terror attacks denied newspaper, television and radio access
[Tuesday, March 19 2019] Telstra blocks access to 4chan, 8chan, LiveLeak in Australia; Vladimir Putin signs sweeping Internet-censorship bills; Scientists have grown miniature brain in a dish with spinal cord and muscles attached; Astronomers discover 83 supermassive black holes at edge of universe
Boy with autism calls 911 after his teddy bear goes missing in New Jersey
H.R. 1814: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the age requirement with respect to eligibility for qualified ABLE programs.
Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joins board of Fox Corporation
Politician who opposes mandatory chickenpox vaccinations contracts chickenpox
H.R. 1810: To provide the legal framework and income tax treatment necessary for the growth of innovative private financing options, and for other purposes.
H.R. 1817: To enforce the requirement that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to make a final disposition of requests to correct its records within 60 days, and for other purposes.