About us

What is CMU Info?

With military members in mind, CatchMeUp.INFO is a tool to help people catch up with all the news that they missed.

Basic Training, Ranger School, Selection, Vacations, Working Off Shore, etc. are all reasons you may find yourself out of the loop. If you are gone for even a week you probably have missed so much news that you will only catch up on the latest news cycle.

The News cycle goes pretty fast nowadays and if you go to a 6-week course or to ranger school or selection you are coming back having missed a lot. You might catch up on the most recent stuff but past a few days, it will be old news for everyone but you.

It is now collecting thousands of headlines a day so you can search most topics and see some results.


How to Use

I’m hoping it is self-explanatory. You can use it with a search word or you can use it using only a date and it’ll give you a timeline of headlines.


Why You Should Create an Account

If you register to be a user you’ll be able to save specific headlines in a read later timeline, you can set your sources by default and you can share a headline to a friend’s read later timeline.

Create a user account to change your default sources, save news to read later, share news to a friend’s “read later” list, or discuss with a friend about an article without all the distractions of social media.

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