What is Elon Musk Up To?

Elon Musk News Timeline 2018

updates: July 19, 2018 , September 30, 2018

Elon Musk, who the New York Times said is “arguably the most successful and important entrepreneur in the world” has been in the limelight recently.

The openly vocal creator of 4 different billion-dollar companies has been speaking his mind on Twitter. He’s been compared to President Trump simply because he is saying what he feels like saying and calling people out when those same people have criticized him first.



When being asked questions by financial analysts about Tesla’s financial position recently, he objected to “boring boneheaded questions” and simply stopped answering the questions.

He criticized Reuters for being what he calls “relentlessly negative about Tesla.”He directly agitated Business Insider’s reporter Linette Lopez by asking if she had provided non-public information to short sellers when covering Tesla.

Dropping offhanded comments about the fact that the media can’t be trusted, he’s under fire by various outlets. He said he would start a new website where he would rank the integrity of news outlets.

They’re insinuating the company is faltering and that people should wait to purchase Tesla’s new line of car, the Model 3. Projected production dates and numbers have been off from what Musk originally projected and he’s being criticized for that also.

His side of the story is that there were issues with trying to automate functions in production that were easy for humans but turned out to be hard for robots to do.

During the production challenges, he was accused of compromising worker safety in his factories. The company is being investigated by OSHA because the workers have written a letter to Tesla indicating concern. The company says they’re working on the problem.


He has a lot going on at home but stays involved in other issues also. Over in Thailand, he decided to become involved in a rescue mission where a boys’ soccer team was trapped in a flooded cave. The world was watching as the events unfolded with this story.

He had a miniature submarine built to assist with rescue efforts. They didn’t end up using it and he was told it wouldn’t work. They’re saying now that it might become useful in future emergency situations though.

A diver on the scene accused him of pulling a PR stunt by showing up to the scene. He called the diver a pedophile on Twitter and was encouraged to apologize for the statement. He did end up apologizing for the statement, saying it was done in anger.


Concerns over Social Media Use

He’s got a lot going on between SpaceX and Tesla. Some shareholders were concerned he was spread too thin and worried about his negative comments on Twitter. There was an annual shareholder meeting in Mountain View, California, where they voted whether they would keep him as Tesla Chairman. They did vote in favor to keep him in the position.

Musk is a visionary and a skilled engineer. According to him, he is a “technologist.”


Musk is very open about his emotions, his fears, and his ideas. He fears human extinction, climate change and he says, being alone. This openness with his emotions may be driving him to produce all that he does, but it may also be his downfall. Musk has had his share of ups and downs because of his emotions in his business and personal life. 


Tesla doesn’t require advertising because while their leader is brilliant, he plays the part like an eccentric celebrity everybody loves to notice. Here is a list that is updated daily with headlines about Elon Musk and his companies for all of 2018…. More free publicity for Musk.

SEC and Stepping Down

updated Sep 30 2018

Telsa Stock is currently crashing hard after the FEC charged Tesla with Fraud over a Tweet musk sent when he was considering taking the company public. Since then, Musk has stepped down as Chairman of Tesla, though he still remains the CEO of the company.

It is hard to predict what will happen with Tesla and the other Musk’ Companies. However, it does not take much imagination to think of ways that this will be good for the company in the long run.

Musk has had more and more problems with his Social Media interactions and communications with the media and with others he had beef with. This may be the wake up call that Elon Musk needs or it may be what creates the Green Goblin.


Elon Musk News Timeline 2018