The Russian Timeline

The 2018 Russia / Putin Timeline 

2018 Russia News Timeline

The year started off with Russian scandals and as we pass the halfway point the scandals involving Russia and Putin have really started to escalate past anything ever seen in the country’s history. This Russian Timeline will update daily and will include headlines about Putin and Russia. The headlines are from American sources but they are not aimed to follow only the developments with the “Russian Probe”

After the Helsinki Summit, news about Russia, Putin, and Russian spies or involvement are on the top of most headlines. Republicans finally called out President Trump and forced the president to backtrack on his comments against the U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Admitting to a mistake is not something Donald Trump is particularly good at doing.

In an effort to control the narrative, and change the country’s focus away from the Russian summit, Trump has tried to revive the NFL Kneeling debate and thrown a temper tantrum against Iran, on Twitter. 

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2018 Russia News Timeline