Don’t Mess with TEXAS



The Entire 2018 Cruz vs Beto News Timeline

Would horseshit by any other name smell so bad?

Ted Cruz consistently and hypocritically attacks Beto for his name. Beto, on the other hand has consistently spoken about the policy making that he has fulfilled and vows to continue to fulfill. Beto’s campaign responds to mockery with fundraising, gaining over 1 million dollars over 3 days with a campaign that worked overtime after Cruz’s campaign attacked him.[1] People believe in Beto.

So what does Beto have to offer the Texas people?

Beto has been a proponent of veterans well being for years while in the House being on two committees dealing with armed forces and veterans’ affairs.[2] Texas has the second largest number of veterans residing in it3. He has voted for and protected immigrants when given the opportunity in the house and says that he plans to continue to work to protect immigrants.[4, 5]

I feel obligated to provide some footnotes to this because the right has been so keen on denouncing any news against them and spreading misinformation. However, I would now like to speak my opinion. Ted Cruz doesn’t represent Texas to me. He is a someone that avoids confrontation, refuses to work with people that he doesn’t agree with, and regularly votes against his own latino heritage. He is an Canadian immigrant that doesn’t stand up for his family, and allows himself to be bullied by the president while falling in the GOP line of blaming Hillary and Obama. How has he voted? On immigration he sponsored a bill to remove federal funding to sanctuary cities.[6] On health care he prefers to talk the talk but not walk the walk on the topic of pre-existing conditions.[7] On banking reform, he is obviously in the pocket of Wall Street since he voted for the Dodd-Frank reform pushing us back into the pre-2008 climate that harmed the world’s economy.[8]

The issue that may end up hurting Beto O’Rourke the most is his stance on firearms. As a Texan, I enjoy my guns. That doesn’t mean I will not vote for Beto. What it does mean is that I understand that personal protection and the ability to buy and practice that protection is important. I also, now more than ever, consider the need for personal protection against one’s own government a necessity. You may say that a governmental coup of their people would be so overwhelming that it would be pointless to have a gun in that situation. I say, that it is a major step to go from ruling people with ink on a page to ruling the people with blood on the streets. That being said, I still support Beto in what he is doing.

Ultimately, I think a well blended government full of officials that can work together and for the good of the people is ideally what we should be striving for and what we need right now. We currently have Russians spreading misinformation and sowing violent disagreements within our population, and we, now more than ever, need to put away the differences and dismiss some of the disagreements for the time being so we can reunite our country. I believe Beto will do a much better job of that than Cruz.



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