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Accusing Trump Adviser of Repeatedly Lying to Investigators, Mueller Asks for Jail Time

Wall Street Journal

Embracing Conspiracy Theory, Trump Escalates Attack on Bruce Ohr

Washington Post

AP: Omarosa has 'treasure trove' of tapes, videos, texts to back her anti-Trump book

Washington Post

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Bedford, PA - DA receives no jail time after abusing his power by helping female defendants receive lesser sentences in exchange for sexual favors
Judge in Paul Manafort trial says he has been threatened and is now under U.S. Marshal protection
S. 3353: A bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to require the Secretary to provide for the use of data from the second preceding tax year to carry out the simplification of applications for the estimation and determination of financial aid eli
S. 3351: A bill to amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to institute a 180-day waiting period before medical debt will be reported on a consumer’s credit report and to remove paid-off and settled medical debts from credit reports that have been fully paid
FDA approves first generic version of EpiPen
The un-celebrity president: Jimmy Carter shuns riches, lives modestly in his Georgia hometown
Colorado is Using $3 Million From Marijuana Tax to Provide Food and Housing for the Homeless | urhealthinfo
India is introducing free health care for 500 million of the country's poorest people
Older than dinosaurs: last South African coelacanths threatened by oil exploration - Just 30 of the prehistoric fish known to exist, raising fears oil wells will push it to extinction
[Thursday, August 16 2018] Former South African police officer found dead after revealing alleged details of a secret government paedophile ring; Aretha Franklin dies in Detroit, surrounded by family and friends; 'Millennia of human activity': heatwave reveals lost UK archaeological sites
S. 3349: A bill to amend the Carl Levin and Howard P. “Buck” McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 to modify provisions relating to the conveyance of certain Federal land in Storey County, Nevada.
S. 3348: A bill to establish the obligations of certain large business entities in the United States, and for other purposes.
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